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Forex dealer license

Forex license in Belarus

Are you ready to take it to the next level? Your business needs a forex license and to obtain it, you need to choose the right economic zone with minimal taxation and comfortable working conditions.

Yes, everyone is looking towards Cyprus, and in their own way they are right. Cyprus is conventionally considered the birthplace of forex and on one square kilometer there are concentrated most of all in the world companies that have a forex dealer license.

Minimum taxation of companies that have a forex license

Minimum taxation, pleasant climate, staff availability. All this is Cyprus. But you should also pay your attention to obtaining a forex license in Belarus.

Minimum taxation, this time. The staff is much cheaper than in Cyprus. And of course the cost. In Cyprus, the minimum license level will cost you an average of 75,000 euros. But it can take you a whole year to get a Forex license, and besides, this is a somewhat limited Forex dealer license.

Our company is ready to provide you with a comprehensive solution for obtaining a forex license in Belarus.

Terms of obtaining a forex license in Belarus

The total amount of government fees and insurance deposit will not exceed 70,000 euros and the term for obtaining a forex license in Belarus will not exceed 2 months from the date of submission of all the necessary documents.

To carry out forex activities, you will need qualified personnel and we will help you find a director and an accountant who have extensive experience in filing reports to the regulatory body and in the development of a forex company on the territory of the Republic of Belarus.

The cost of our services for obtaining a forex license in Belarus

The cost of our company's services for obtaining a forex license in Belarus is negotiated separately, and depends on the set of services you ordered, but will not exceed 10,000 euros.

This cost includes the preparation and submission of all necessary documents, an interview at the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus and connection to payment companies.

It's cheaper than a Cyprus forex dealer license, faster and more reliable.

Forex license is the right to carry out and provide services for over-the-counter transactions with non-deliverable assets for residents of certain countries.